Monteriggioni, a small medieval village in the Senese hills, was originally built in the 13th century
as a fortress to defend Siena against Florentine attacks.
A surrounding wall, evenly spaced out by 14 towers, protects the little group of houses gathered around the square, which hosts a 14th century parish church on one side and a well in the center.
Nothing has changed ever since within the walls of Monteriggioni, whose shape was compared to a crown by the great poet Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy.
Narrow stone alleyways will lead the visitors of Monteriggioni to discover beautiful views over the surrounding countryside, amid picturesque buildings, gardens and artisan shops from another era.
Climbing onto the oval city walls that mark the boundary of the Hotel’s Garden, a walkway along the ancient patrol path opens up amazing views over both the village and the surrounding Tuscan countryside.


Being a guest of Hotel Monteriggioni also means that you can access to the Hotel’s Private parking, located inside the historical centre, in our private garden.

Hotel has its own secured unguarded outdoor parking, upon availability.  GPS info: search for Piazza DANTE ALIGHIERI (FORMER PIAZZA ROMA), the square 10 mts from the hotel, this should allow you to easily reach the hotel. Entrance and exit are from Porta Romana. Many events are organized yearly inside the old castle. Please search online on and or on Normally the old castle access in those days and in certain timeframe is interdicted to circulation and you will not have the opportunity to move the car and enter/exit the old castle and to/from hotel.  Just meters from the wall’s door there are two toll parking, (100 m and 300 m far), in case you should plan to move meanwhile.
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