HOTEL MONTERIGGIONI, An exclusive location for a unique event: all the nature and elegance of Tuscany.

In Monteriggioni, the most important events of your life will be truly unique and Tuscan style. Celebrating surrounded by the affection of your loved ones, in an enchanting setting suspended between the beauty of nature and the elegance of our rooms, is everything you could have possibly wished for to remember such a sweet moment forever. Our staff at Hotel Monteriggioni will be happy to advise you on the best solutions, taking advantage of charming environments to create just the right atmosphere. We will discuss every detail with you and arrange your event with an in-depth planning. We will make your stay in Tuscany unforgettable. Our top partners for catering, photoshooting, organization will help you to choose the best proposal lunch, dinner and cocktails etc to make your special date UNFORGETTABLE.

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